Handle With Care is committed to teaching staff how to deal with a behaviorally challenged population in a way that preserves the client’s dignity, is safe and enables continued positive learning and behavioral development by preserving and enhancing the therapeutic relationship.  

Handle With Care was developed by a line person for staff working directly with a behaviorally challenged population. 

Handle With Care believes that for learning/therapy to take place there needs to be a universal (staff and client) perception of physical and psychological safety in the milieu.  Emotional safety is a relationship climate consisting of acceptance, trust, honesty, problem solving skills, communication, tolerance and foregiveness.

If staff is fearful of their personal safety, there can be no emotional safety as fear will be the controlling emotion.  Similarly, if the client cannot trust the staff to keep them safe, why should they trust staff to treat them emotionally (therapy) or teach them.

Handle With Care is committed to the emotional and physical safety of behaviorally challenged individuals whose behavior is harmful to themselves or others and the staff and organizations that support them.

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