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Bruce Chapman – Founder

Bruce Chapman - Founder of Handle with CareBruce Chapman is the President and Founder of Handle With Care. Bruce is an expert in the fields of behavior management, unarmed use-of-force and the use of both physical and therapeutic mechanical restraints. Throughout his 34 year career, he has developed five separate proprietary training programs to help specialized agencies that care for children as young as three years old to geriatric facilities caring for the elderly to maximum security forensic and correctional facilities dealing with the highest risk levels.

Bruce created Handle With Care® technology from 1973 through 1984 on the locked psychiatric unit of Pennsylvania  Hospital in Philadelphia, where he was regarded as the hospital’s authority on the prevention and management of aggression and suicide. Read More

Hilary Adler, Esq. – Vice President and in-house counsel for HWC

Born and raised NYer.  If you are visiting  and need any tourist information of where to go or what to see in NYC give me a shout out.  Alumni of Hunter College High School (4-10) and Horace Mann High School (11-12), University of California and Brooklyn Law School.

Certified Yoga teacher in the Ashtanga tradition.  Hobbies include taking and teaching yoga, playing with my dogs and being out in nature.

Jeanette Smith – Accounting Dept. & Office Manager

Jeanette was born and raised in the Bronx. Jeanette has over 30 years of office experience. Jeanette came to Handle With Care about 5 years ago. She is currently raising her grandson who has Child Onset Bipolar Disorder and is deeply committed to the mission and philosophy of Handle With Care as she understands its importance and applicability to parents and caretakers responsible for special needs children.

Joy Ann Savino (aka Nickie) – Training, seminar & scheduling coordinator

Joy is in charge of customer relations and is generally the first HWC voice you hear.  Joy has a background in mediation and conflict resolution trainer as well as a Facilitator for the world renowned “Alternatives to Violence Program”.  Joy brings with her over 20 years of mediation and was the  director of a NYS funded Mediation Center.  Feel free to speak to her about HWC or any of the other programs and trainings she is involved with.  Her favorite pastimes are playing with her grandchildren, dogs, cats, gardening and the beach.


Greg Brown

Greg has been a Handle With Care trainer for over two decades.  In fact Greg was present when Bruce Chapman discovered the PRT in 1974.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University, College of Human Development in Individual and Family Studies and Geriatrics.  Greg brings over thirty years of experience working with inpatient psychiatry and community mental health.  He has supervised and provided case management and social services for homeless, community and inpatient persons with mental health needs.

Greg has run self-defense after school programs designed for children grades 3-12 along with women, men and children self defense classes.  Greg is a Master in Aikido, a martial art based on harmony and non-resistance where he holds the rank of 5th degree black belt.

David Elliott

Dave has been using Handle With Care since 1994. He has his Bachelors of Arts in Communications with a Concentration on Public Relations and a Minor in Business Administration/Human Resource Management from California State University, Sacramento. In May, 2004, he received a Masters in Social Work and in 2006 he received his license as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).   In addition to Handle With Care training, Dave continues to work in youth services where he has over a decade worth of experience including working at a residential treatment facility, foster family agency, psychiatric hospital, and group homes.  Currently, he is the director of a foster family agency in Sacramento and has a small private practice doing supervised visitation, mediation, and therapy.

Jordan Harris

Originally from Newark NJ. Obtained associates degree in computer Engineering from Valencia Community College in Orlando Florida. Served in active duty Army for 13 years with 5 combat deployments. Military service includes tenure as a Drill instructor, Advanced Individual Training instructor, Combatatives instructor, and Army Special Forces. His military training includes Sapper Leaders Course, Airborne, HALO, Advanced Instructor’s Course, Advanced Leaders Course and Senior Leaders Course. He was medically retired due to wounds sustained during combat. Currently lives in the San Antonio Texas area. Served for 3 years as the Facility Administrator and Assistant Superintendent for Atascosa County Juvenile Detention Center. Enjoys sky diving, teaching self defense and firearms safety.

Alonza Jiles

Alonza Jiles is a graduate of Arkansas State University where he obtained a degree in Computer Information Systems.  He is married to Kristin and they have four kids; AJ, Abbie, Isaac, and Caleb.  Alonza has over twenty-seven years of experience working with at risk youth in a residential setting.  He also has been active in youth sports where he coached basketball, football, and baseball.  Alonza was appointed to the Arkansas Board of Corrections for five years.  He was appointed to the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training where he served for four years.  Alonza has been a Master Trainer for Handle With Care for ten years.

Kirby Jones

Kirby N. Jones is a certified Health, Safety and Security Trainer with 33 years of dedicated New Jersey State services.  Kirby has 17 years of experience working in the NJ Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) where in 1979 he developed the first Sensory Stimulation program, and whose lobbying efforts led to the successful launch of DDD’s first verbal program three years later.  In 1986, Kirby was chosen along with only six other trainers to launch the New Jersey Human Resource Development Institute training academy.

Kirby’s devotion to New Jersey’s special needs population is represented by his 23 years of involvement with the Special Olympics where he currently serves a volunteer coach and part-time Director of Exercise and Wellness.

A two-time All-American collegiate wrestler, Kirby graduated from Delaware State College with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education couple with a Psychology minor.  Kirby has 19 years of experience in Brazilian Ju-Jit-Su under Master Lee Chambers.  For the years 1974-1975, Kirby has held the title of Mr. Delaware.  Kirby is also credited with founding G.E.M (Good Enough for Me), a mentoring program for school age children.  He also has more than a decade of experience as a Handle With Care Master Instructor.

Beyond his professional experience, Kirby has a lovely wife, Tyra, and is a proud dad of six “count ‘em” great children: Shaun, Kye, Brock, Aniia-Nai, LaBrea and Marshal.

 Motto: “Make a positive impact on the world. And have fun doing it!”

Robert Lysek

Robert has been a Handle With Care instructor for over a decade. He has over twenty years of experience working within education. Most recently he co-founded Success Schools where he supervised ten schools. Prior to Success Schools Robert was the co – founder and Vice President of Operations for Camelot Education where he supervised its Alternative Education Division consisting of 3000 students, 250 employees, and twelve schools.  Prior to his promotion to VP, Robert was the company Chief Operations Officer where he supervised the daily operations of three alternative schools, six therapeutic day schools, and three residential programs in five states supervising 2000 students, 250 staff at 12 sites nationally. His responsibilities included overseeing academics, facility management, support services, regulatory compliance and development of Camelot’s Residential Treatment Centers, Alternative Education Programs, and Therapeutic Day Schools. Throughout his career Robert has been training school district personnel in culture, climate, normative systems and crisis management and is considered a thought leader in the field.  Robert currently holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Lock Haven University.

James McDonald

James McDonald is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been supporting people with severe challenging behaviors for over fifteen years. During that time he has taught and used various restraints recognized by the state of New Mexico. In 1999, James began working for Adelante Development Center. At this time, the agency was using physical restraints on a daily basis. In 2001, James became an instructor for one of only two courses approved by the New Mexico Department of Health. Although restraints were cut down drastically, it paled in comparison to the fact that the continued physical injuries sustained and the risks being taken were too much.

James knew it was time for a change. In 2004, he took it upon himself to travel to a workshop in Dallas where he was able to meet with Matt Benbow. Upon returning from the inspiring workshop, he met with NMDOH and gained approval for use of the HWC system throughout New Mexico. Since then, James has worked closely with the HWC team to become a Master Instructor. Adelante is now down to less than a dozen restraints per year, even though they support twice as many people as they did in 1999.

“ I truly accredit our accomplishments to Bruce, our system, and the multitude of Trainers I have interacted with, learned from and certified for HWC.”

James Pascoe

Jim has been a Handle With Care Instructor since 1994 and a Master Instructor since 1999.  He has a BS in Therapeutic Recreation with a minor in Social Work, and an MBA in Health Administration.  Jim holds national certifications as a Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP), and as a retired Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS).

Jim has worked in the behavioral health field since 1984.  He has held a variety of staff and management positions such as director of an acute psychiatric program for adolescents, director of a large Therapeutic Recreation department, and director of an Experiential Therapy program.  Jim spent several years as a Risk Manager and Safety Officer for a large psychiatric and residential facility.  Additionally Jim has worked for hospital management companies with his focus on safety and therapeutic training in the milieu.

Jim has served on several State committees relating to the management of aggressive behavior of at-risk youth. Additionally, he independently consults and speaks about crisis intervention, behavior management, teambuilding, milieu development, and environment of care safety.

As an avid outdoors-person with a very active lifestyle Jim and his wife enjoy hiking, camping, running, mountain biking, canoeing, and backpacking.


Walt Piszchala

Walt has been a Handle With Care trainer for over a decade.  He has an Associates Degree in Mental Health, a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Master Level Courses in Family Therapy.  Walt comes to us with over 30 years experience in child care services.  He began his career at a diagnostic residential facility for emotionally disturbed, abused and neglected children ages 5-18 where he oversaw 150 residents and staff.  He has been a crisis intervention trainer for over 30 years and served as the first President of the State of Connecticut Facilities Crisis Intervention Committee and served as the Team’s Leader for Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.  In 1997 he moved from child care to juvenile justice where he was responsible for all staff development and training needs for a faculty of 475 where he was charged with developing safety and security recommendations and program development for youth in placement.

Walt has been through or seen countless crisis intervention and restraint training programs and has been asked to be trainers by several.   Out of all the programs he has been trained in and seen, he choose to be a part of our team.


Linda Ransom

Linda has a Masters of Science in Addiction Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety and Emergency Management.  In addition to Handle With Care, Linda also works as a Behavioral Health Trainer, Coordinator and Educator for an Arizona Hospital.  Linda is responsible for coordinating treatment, developing treatment plans and conducting training as needed in order for the plans to be implemented successfully.  Prior to her work at the hospital, Linda was a Senior Juvenile Detention Officer for Pima County Juvenile Court and instructor for departmental safety training.  Her position included working with families and youths to strengthen our community and services for children and families. She was responsible for developing and implementing behavioral plans tailored to assist challenged or troubled youth and served on a PBIS committee created to assist in improving behavioral practices for youth in County Care.

Jeff Sledjeski

Jeff has been a Handle With Care Instructor for 5 years.  He graduated from Luzerne County Community College in 1992 with an A.S. in Management and Information Systems and from Pennsylvania State University in 1996 with a B.S. in Nutrition and concentration in Psychology.   Jeff started his career in mental health in 1997 as a clinician working with emotional support and autistic support children for the Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services program and in the partial hospitalization program for Human Services Consultants, who eventually joined the organization New Story, in which he has worked with for the past 15 years.  He also worked as a Performance Improvement Coordinator for his organization conducting audits and preparing for JCAHO accreditation.  Presently, he works as a Learning and Development Specialist for New Story, providing and overseeing various trainings and reviewing critical incident reports throughout the organization.  Jeff has 14 years of training experience, starting as a crisis intervention instructor in 1998 and is also certified as a Blood Borne Pathogen, First Aid, CPR, and AED instructor for the American Heart Association and American Safety and Health Institute, a certified HIPAA instructor, a Mandated Reporting instructor, and an Emergency, Disaster, and Safety instructor.  Jeff also works with the marketing team and does promotional events, serves as a wellness champion, and is a member of the certified safety committee.  Jeff has a passion for helping others, and for training, motivating, encouraging, and teaching individuals.


Kandi Withers

Kandi spent more than 20 years running programs in Cleveland Ohio for runaway, homeless, previously incarcerated and young adults in the foster care system.  As the Director, she increased the program capacity and services by more than double.  Kandi also spent time on several committees, including a high risk youth committee and a focus group through the mental health board.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling, kickboxing and spending time with her children.

Kyle Withers

Kyle comes to us with over 20 years of experience in youth care & human services. Kyle was trained in many programs before finding HWC.  After going through training, he found HWC so effective that he approached us to become a Master Trainer so other facilities would not have to look so hard for an effective training program.   Kyle is a case manager and has a BA in Criminal Justice.  In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, swimming, traveling and spending time with his children.

William Woodley

William (Bill) has a long history with Handle With Care.  We have known him and his wife, Melanie, for years.  Bill has a Master’s of Arts in Counseling from Russell Sage College.  He has been a Handle With Care trainer since 1991.  Prior to retiring and now working as a consultant for Parsons Child and Family Center, Bill was the supervisor of residential training programs for the LaSalle School for Boys.  He currently works as a consultant and trainer for Parson’s Child and Family Center and provides Handle With Care training on behalf of Parson’s mission and for Handle With Care.

In addition to Handle With Care training, Bill has developed/trained other topics including: Bullies 101, Discipline v. Punishment, Angry Language, Behavior Modification, First Aid, CPR and AED.  He has been a presenter for Child Welfare League of American (CWLA) the Juvenile Detention Association (JDA) and the International Association of Child Care Workers (IACCW).

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