Kudos to HWC Master Trainer Greg Brown. I just finished another year of training and wanted to send an e mail along complimenting our trainer Greg Brown.  I realized today that a program is only as effective as the trainers ability to both communicate the concepts and motivate the students to learn and improve.  I attended an unrelated training last week and recognized the difference today.  In addition to his obvious competence in the  various HWC techniques and concepts, he has a natural empathic style which  makes the training enjoyable yet challenges the students to enhance their  skills. Greg communicates a genuineness that you feel he cares about both you  and the patients in your care. It is my experience that folks like these in  organizations are very rare.  Kudos to Greg and HWC..Pat Brennan, LCSW, Capital Health
As a Physical Education Teacher I cannot tell you the amount of times I used a PRT to prevent fights during PE class among our "super competitive"  Emotionally Disturbed population.   The PRT is without a doubt ; the most effective and safe physical hold there is.  Handle With Care is the ultimate behavior management system in this country..Fred Doremus, Physical Education Teacher
Bruce Chapman and the HWC philosophy is RIGHT on the money. Many times a while after a restraint and processing the incident with the student , that student wanted to come down to my room and have lunch with me. As HWC says....   It is always about the relationship. The POWER of the relationship..Fred Doremus, Physical Education Teacher
I was fortunate enough to complete a three day training with HWC Master Trainer, Kandi.  She was amazing!  Related real world situations and made the three days very enjoyable while teaching a lot!  Huge Kudos!!.Jerry G. - NW Tri-County Intermediate Educational Services Agency
Matt has completed his second day of HWC training with Foster’s Home. It has been a delightful experience. He has achieved every possible goal we hoped he would, but knew no ordinary person could. He could not have come at a better time and has made Handle With Care a household name among us. We received our monies worth and more.  Thanks for putting out a great product with an excellent trainer..Derrick, TX Foster Home for Children
I am overwhelmingly pleased with the professional and thorough instruction that my staff received from Kandi through handle with care yesterday. Her professionalism, knowledge, and skill to effectively teach and replicate safety/restraints was exactly what my staff needed..Larissa, Cornerstone Elementary School
Just wanted to let your company know what a great job Kirby did in engaging my staff, they really loved him and learned a lot. A great training! Thank you again for sending him our way..Marli, Director - Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services
Greg has come and conducted our training for a number of years. He always does a great job, answers questions and clearly explains what we need.  .Debra, Training Admin. Delaware Children & Youth
This is to say that I just completed the 3 day training course with Handle With Care and just want to say that Master Instructor Kirby Jones(Kirby to us lol) showed us things that will go a long way to what we do from this point forward. I know you have other instructors that are as good as Kirby but we at St.Micheals had the pleasure to meet just one...Kirby...Not only that he taught us,he engaged us,talked with us and truly made us understand what we were doing....not only was he good at what he was doing he did it with a smile but was stearn when needed to be....I soaked up everything he was saying due to me now being a instructor and security supervisor who deals with a lot from the emergency room situations where at times this training will come in handy(trust me)....again,Kirby was awesome and I hope I get the pleasure to see him again and from me he gained a new friend,and we only met this  past week.... Kirby,i wish you well and continued success in everything you come across and continued success to your program Bruce.....awesome.... .Training Participant, St. Michaels Hospital
I would like to commend Mr.kirby jones on his class I was in that he taught at St.michaels hospital newark nj. he was very motivational and made the class very resourceful and not boring, his preparedness and approach was on point and made you want to listen. if I owned a company and needed someone to speak Mr. Jones would surely be at the top of my list for whatever company I owned. your company is very lucky to have an instructor of his capacity, he was on target for all aspects of his presentation , even on life situations and personal situations. Thank you again Mr. Kirby for a great experience. Alan Rizzolo , security.Participant 2, st. Michaels Hospital