I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Handle with Care’s lightning quick response to our needs.  Mr. Greg Brown was able to set up training for today, just 3 days after I called.  That is amazing.  Greg was a fabulous trainer.  The group responded immediately to him and his manner of instruction.  He peppered his presentation with humor while giving us the  techniques needed for our schools.  He made sure we understood the techniques and holds.  Everyone left  confident that they could handle any situation that may arise.  I asked my teachers what they thought and every one of them smiled and told me they loved it and got so much out of it.  You can’t ask for more than that!.Ed, Harrison Twp. Schools k-12
Today, only 3 days after we completed training with you, I had the need to use the PRT and it totally works!  Not that I thought it wouldn't but it's good to know that in real life, real time situation I could pull it off.   I'm damn proud of myself and am so grateful to you for doing such a great job teaching us last week.  In my prior 8+ years in juvenile detention I would have never had the confidence to do that.  Thank you so much!.L.T. - Juvenile Officer. Great Compliment to HWC and trainer Kyle Withers
I want to give a huge thanks to Kirby Jones who trained me on how to effectively train staff in my division. I can't say enough how passionate and thorough he is with training. I felt comfortable giving my first training and knew that I was giving them what they needed to be "Solid Objects" and to do what's best for students! Thanks Kirby!.D.T. - Manassas City Public Schools