Onsite Trainings

HWC offers two main training options: on-site and seminar.  The advantages of onsite training are:

  • Cost: If you are training a large group of people, the on-site price is cheaper per person.
  • Customization.  Onsite training courses allow you to tailor the experience to the specific needs of your school or organization.
  • Privacy.  Staff can discuss proprietary issues in depth with confidentiality.
  • Time Efficiency.  There is less travel and downtime for your staff, as our trainer goes to you.
  • Convenient Scheduling.  Your organization determines the date and time the training takes place.


Standard Initial On-Site Training Schedule

Our standard initial on-site training schedule is: 3-day training to train 10 instructors (or 4-day to train 20 Instructors).

  • Day 1 is the verbal (up to 20 in the class),
  • Day 2 is the basic physical (up to 20 in the class),
  • Day 3 is our Train the Trainer day (up to 10 in the class)
  • Days 3 & 4 Train the Trainer (up to 20 in the class)


Standard Early Childhood Training Schedule

  • 1/2 day early childhood verbal & basic physical training (up to 20 in the class)
  • ½ day Train the Trainer (up to 20 in the class)


If you do not want instructors or only want verbal intervention training, you can contract for specific trainings independently.  The cost per day is: $2,400.00 per day excluding expenses.

See our brochure for an outline of training.

Generally, we can train up to 10 instructors in 3-days.  Sometimes an additional day is necessary depending on the number of optional or specialized interventions needed including personal defense interface, pregnant female, wheelchair, mechanical restraint or handcuffing etc.

Host a Training Seminar

If you are a smaller organization or school, and we are not conducting any training in your area, contact us if you would like to host a HWC seminar, contact us.  Groups or specialty programs can also contact us if they would like to host a HWC seminar including, organizations and schools serving young children, parents, and community support groups.

Contact us

Please call us to discuss your specific training needs at 845.255.4031.  Our training specialists will work with your organization to develop a training recommendation custom tailored to your organization’s specific training needs.

Additional Information

For additional information, questions, references, informational materials, letters of recommendation, or customized training, please call or email us at: info@handlewithcare.com; Tel: 845-255-4031.

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"Just wanted to let your company know what a great job Kirby did in engaging my staff, they really loved him and learned a lot. A great training! Thank you again for sending him our way."