Our Team

Kirby Jones
Master Trainer
Kirby N. Jones is a certified Health, Safety and Security Trainer with 33 years of dedicated New Jersey State services. Kirby has 17 years of experience working in the NJ Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) where in 1979 he developed the first Sensory Stimulation program, and whose lobbying efforts led to the successful launch of DDD’s first verbal program three years later. In 1986, Kirby was chosen along with only six other trainers to launch the New Jersey Human Resource Development Institute training academy. Kirby’s devotion to New Jersey’s special needs population is represented by his 23 years of involvement with the Special Olympics where he currently serves a volunteer coach and part-time Director of Exercise and Wellness. A two-time All-American collegiate wrestler, Kirby graduated from Delaware State College with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education couple with a Psychology minor. Kirby has 19 years of experience in Brazilian Ju-Jit-Su under Master Lee Chambers. For the years 1974-1975, Kirby has held the title of Mr. Delaware. Kirby is also credited with founding G.E.M (Good Enough for Me), a mentoring program for school age children. He also has more than a decade of experience as a Handle With Care Master Instructor. Beyond his professional experience, Kirby has a lovely wife, Tyra, and is a proud dad of six “count ‘em” great children: Shaun, Kye, Brock, Aniia-Nai, LaBrea and Marshal. Motto: “Make a positive impact on the world. And have fun doing it!”