After evaluating training provided by five vendors providing services to the state [it was determined that] HWC is the sole vendor who can provide [ DFY with] the services required. .Judith Blair, Director of Training, NYS Division for Youth (NY)
I like the HWC verbal intervention philosophy and methodology, which most readily lends itself to the experienced program person.  S.O.R.M. and the Simplified Ego Model go right to the heart of what good child care is all about .Gene Cavaliere, Director of Youth Care Services, Harmony Hill School (RI)
Staff at the NYSUT training that have been trained in other methods of crisis prevention and intervention said, HWC and the PRT is different.  It makes you feel a lot more equipped to handle a situation. .NY State Union of Teachers (NYSUT)
One elementary principal whose campus switched to HWC this year responded that she liked this program better than the previous one because of the care that was provided for the student.  Handle With Care allows the educator to control a volatile situation through a variety of de-escalation techniques and to maintain the dignity of the student. .Director of Special Programming, Kermit Independent School District (TX)
I have been trained in three other physical intervention techniques, but [HWC] is the one I use both for training purposes and on the occasions that I am required to use physical intervention with students who present a risk of harm to self or others. Without exception, school staff (administrators, teachers, para-professionals, professional support staff and transportation staff) have a positive response to the HWC program.  They find it, as did I, to be "user friendly" and appreciate the feature that the techniques, whether defensive or restraint, interface with each other, making them easier to remember and implement..Marquette Alger, Regional Educational Service Agency (MI)
FCF was looking for a program, and had tried several other nationally recognized programs prior to contracting for HWC’s training. From the minute that the PRT was initially demonstrated in the class, all comments were very positive.  The staff members that have completed the course have told me repeatedly that this system is far better than any other system that we have used in our facility. My only regret is that it took me three years to find you and Handle With Care..Frontier Correctional Facility (WY)
Handle with Care is a system that I strongly believe in. If it were up to me, it would be in every acute psychiatric facility in California..Susan Smith, RN Director of Nursing, Universal Health Services - Del Amo Hospital and Ocean View Psychiatric Health (CA)
Todd and I want to express our graditude for the hospitality and patience you have showed us during the training session. As we went into this we were lost but your efforts have enlightened us and made this process less stressfull. Your words of wisdom have given us guided direction that we desperatly needed and were seeking. .Todd & Regina, Parents
I am writing to ensure that you know what level of training that HWC's Master Trainer Matt Benbow is delivering.  This year, as of every year before this, Matt has inspired us with his words and guidance.  In over 13 years participating and instructing these types of classes (HWC, CPI, CIT, CTI, Defensive Tactics), Matt has by far been the best instructor I have experienced..Mandi Francese, Detention Officers - Maricopa County Juvenile Detention
Bruce, Just finished the Handle With Care instructor course with Kirby Jones. Outstanding!! Kirby was energetic, knowlegable, professional and fun. It was an excellent learning experience and Kirby created an outstanding learning environment.He is an asset to your company. .Marty Viegas, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital